About Leila


Leila Yavari is an emerging female filmmaker born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She will be graduating Emory University in Spring of 2018 with a double major in Film and Media Studies. Raised by a father with a passion for photography (to the extend of spelling her name "Leila" as a nod to the famous "Leica" camera brand) and a refugee mother with a commitment to serving humanity, Leila is dedicated to telling stories that give voices to people from all walks of life. Her belief that "The world is one country and mankind its citizens," originally drew her to the field of video journalism where she founded the Emory student newspaper's video team. After three years, Leila left the video-journalism to cultivate her artistic abilities as a filmmaker. Both her narrative and documentary films often focus on telling both extraordinary and ordinary stories about women, through experimental means. In 2017, Leila co-founded Emory's first female filmmaker group, FemmeFilms. The group is currently planning its first festival in April 2018. Leila is currently in post-production for her largest film to date, Unveiled: A Visual Poem on the Life of Tahirih which tells the story of  the nineteenth century poetess, Tahirih, who removed her veil in Persia in the presence of men that resulted in her execution in her pursuit of equality for men and women.

Leila's student films have won awards and been showcased nationally as well as internationally at the Cannes International Film Festival Short Film Corner. To book or request Leila's full CV, please email her.